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Connection and Relationship of a Patient and a CNA


Of all the nursing professionals, certified nursing assistants (CNAs) may be the kind of nurse that works closest with patients. With their caregiver training, they do many basic nursing tasks and other daily patient assistance. CNAs form a connection and relationship with their patient. So, what these relationships and connections do they create?

Regarding the relationship, the provider of nurse aide training in Farmington Hills, Michigan, emphasizes to each student who undergoes their training program to have and maintain a professional relationship with their patients during and after the care. This professional relationship ensures the integrity of the service and cares while protecting the patients from any abuses and exploitations. At the same time, it provides that a CNA gives the same priority and level of competency to anyone in need unless one needs more attention and assistance than the others. The connection a CNA forms with a patient as they work together to regain the patient’s health is one of camaraderie and humanity. It’s founded upon the nurse’s emotional intelligence and accepted by the client’s social wellness needs.

Advanced Care Training is an institute offering CNA training in Michigan where relationships and connections form and are celebrated. The links between our students and their patients help the patients heal while giving color to the working life of our CNA.

Enroll today in our program and be your patient’s best healthcare provider in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

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