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How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence as a Nurse


Emotional intelligence is the most important asset that everyone in the healthcare field can have, and perhaps especially so among nurses who are at the forefront of patient care.

As a provider of nurse aide training in Farmington Hills, Michigan ourselves at Advanced Care Training, we have seen how crucial it is to have a full tank of emotional reserves, a wise judgment, and an empathetic ear in the profession.

That is why, in every one of our students’ CNA classes and throughout their CNA training in Farmington Hills, we make sure that this other intelligence is also highlighted. Here are our specific reasons for this:

  • It ensures high-quality care
    Caregiving and nursing are not only about doing rounds or checking vital signs, at the heart of it are making every patient’s caring environment the best it can possibly be.
  • It establishes trust
    Trust helps patients to be more amenable to agreeing to painful procedures such as injections.
  • It promotes better and more effective communication
    Emotional intelligence allows nurses to pick up on the signs that a patient who has difficulty communicating cannot easily express. In emergency cases, this can mean a matter of life and death.

Is the CNA training in Michigan you are looking to enroll in placing importance in emotional intelligence? Now that you know the difference this makes, it may be time to reconsider your options.

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