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Refund/Cancellation Policy

The tuition and fees paid by the applicant/agency or client shall be refunded if the applicant is rejected by the school before enrollment. Examples of rejection may be but not limited to criminal history, or rejection from previous training programs. An application fee of not more than $125.00 will be retained by the school if the application is denied. All tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if requested within three business days after signing a contract with the school. There is a non-refundable fee of $125 (application, administration and Background check fee) retained by the school.  All tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded within 30 days. After three business days of signing enrollment contract, there are NO REFUNDS.

If you receive any scholarships or financial help from any agency or paid out of pocket once you signed your application with this school, you have 3 business days to cancel your enrollment, after the three business days THERE IS NO REFUND. You may apply your funds to a different session or different program.

1/25/24 If you are a State of Michigan Scholarship Recipient and you were awarded after you had already paid your deposit or full tuition, once the school receive scholarship funds (4-6 weeks after program start) you will be issued a refund minus our administration fee of $125. The scholarship amount must cover full tuition to be eligible for a refund. Please contact our office if you have any questions.


Advanced Care holds the right to cancel any class due to: Inclement weather, low class enrollment, covid outbreaks or anything that compromises the health and safety of our students and staff. Clinicals and/or externships may be delayed or even cancelled at the discretion of the facility or agency due to covid outbreaks. Some facilities may mandate covid-19 vaccination, we encourage all students to get vaccinated.