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Let our qualified trainers be your support in reaching success.

At Advanced Care Training, we believe that the quality of our training programs depends on the quality of the trainers we employ. Our students need the guidance of instructors who understand what they are and will be going through, both in training school and when they are employed in future health care settings.

All of our instructors are qualified – possessing the necessary certifications to teach and train our students. These instructors are Registered Nurses with Long term and Acute Care experience with the Trainer Certification and also experienced in equipping students with the skills and tools crucial for them to become the best at what they will be doing in the future.

Lakeisha Jennings

Lakeisha Jennings RN, BSN Founder

Lakeisha Jennings founded Advanced Care Training in 2011. Growing up the youngest of 3 children, Lakeisha learned how to create her very own path at an early age. She graduated from Henry Community College and Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. With over 20 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, Lakeisha has worked in various areas such as med-surg, long term care, home care, and nursing education. Ms. Jennings is passionate about sharing her expertise with aspiring healthcare personnel and make every class fun and enjoyable learning experience.

Lakeisha is a train the trainer certified registered nurse who also serves at times as Primary Instructor, she leads a team of five awesome instructors.


You can be sure that our instructors are the best people you’ll need to reach success. Contact 248-702-6459 today for your inquiries.

Faculty not pictured

  • Danielle Hobbs, School Secretary
  • Dorothy Bernard RN, MS Train the Trainer Nurse Aide Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Theonna Harris RN MSN, NP Virtual CNA Instructor
  • Cynthia Nelson RN, BSN Instructor Nurse Aide Training/CPR Instructor
  • Tashay Weems LPN, Skills Facilitator/Supplemental Instructor Nurse Aide Training