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Communication Skills Beyond Words


When you enter a program for CNA training in Michigan, you expect to learn many things: different technical skills, extensive nursing knowledge, and adequate working exposure. And, of course, your competent and quality trainers and instructors impart their wisdom while imbuing the medical community’s standards and ethics in you.

Yet together with those mentioned, future CNAs like you should have and master different soft skills that will complete your technical competencies and experience. As a healthcare provider in Farmington Hills, Michigan, we know that many organization requires these soft skills as part of your professional capabilities. One of them is communication, mainly when words cannot express the needs of the patients.

Thus, beyond the caregiver training, you must develop your communication skills. Skills that involve giving and receiving information in oral and written forms. It includes you understanding what others say and them understanding you. Excellent communication skills are also about the ability to read and understand non-verbal cues and non-legible sounds and mumble your patient present that hints at their needs, wants, and distresses.

Here at Advanced Care Training, your future as a CNA is our great concern. We dream you excel and find a joyous career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Thus, our mission of providing all possible resources, skills, and knowledge needed so you can pave your path.

Learn more than the technical nursing skills needed with our nurse aide training in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Enroll in our CNA Training today!

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