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Four Benefits of IV Therapy

Four Benefits of IV Therapy

Intravenous therapy is widely recognized as an effective treatment for a wide range of illnesses and physical imbalances because an IV drip is the quickest means to transport fluids or drugs throughout the body.

Let’s take a quick look at some of its patient advantages:

  • Nurses use IV therapy to Provide Fluids
    IV treatment is highly effective when a patient is unable to consume enough fluids or when the body does not react to oral rehydration. Students will learn how to execute IV therapy and conduct activities such as monitoring the IV to verify that the fluid rate is accurate through CNA Training in Michigan.
  • IV Therapy Aids Nurses in Medication Administration
    IV treatment is useful for providing medication in situations where the medication must be administered quickly or gradually over time. The medication enters the circulation directly and instantly when delivered through IV.
  • Blood Transfusion IV Therapy
    The capacity to deliver blood transfusions is another of the numerous benefits of modern IV technology. Blood transfusion is a life-saving procedure performed for patients who have suffered a significant loss of blood or individuals with disorders such as hemophilia.
  • Assisting Nurses in Providing Vitamins and Nutrients to Patients
    IV treatment can also be used to provide nourishment to bedridden hospital patients who are unable to eat on their own. Any patient suffering from vitamin deficiencies would get their required nutrients through IV.

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