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The Important Roles CNAs Play in Healthcare


CNAs or certified nursing assistants play crucial roles in the healthcare system. They provide essential care and support for patients, residents in long-term care facilities, clients at home, and a variety of other healthcare setting. Their duties and responsibilities include vital sign monitoring, medication assistance, and many more. Here are some more of the important roles certified nursing assistants play in healthcare:

  • Observation and Reporting

    CNAs observe patients’ conditions and report any changes to the nursing staff, doctors, and family members, ensuring the early detection of complications and health issues before they develop into medical emergencies. Early detection also encourages early intervention, improving the chances of successful treatment. Start your CNA career today with our CNA training in Michigan.

  • Infection Control and Prevention

    CNAs help reduce the risk of infections or prevent infections from occurring by adhering to strict hygienic and sanitation practices. They also help their patients and clients maintain proper hygiene through bathing, handwashing, and toileting assistance, further reducing the risks of infections. Further, develop your CNA skills with our nurse aide training and caregiver training in Michigan.

  • Fall Prevention

    CNAs are trained to help prevent patient falls and injuries by keeping patient areas safe and assisting with ambulation, transfers, and mobility. Learn these fall prevention techniques and skills with our nurse aide training in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

We are a healthcare provider in Farmington Hills, Michigan that offers high-quality training programs for individuals who want to become nursing aides and CNAs. For more information about our programs, feel free to call Advanced Care Training at 248-702-6459.

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