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Producing Efficient CNAs to Fill the Growing Demand

Producing Efficient CNAs to Fill the Growing Demand

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for nurse aides and caregivers will increase in numbers in the next few years. An estimated 8% growth must have a connection to boomers reaching their seniorhood this decade. An aspiring Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) must attend CNA classes and get certified, as this field involves clinical practices. One critical mistake can get you fired, or worse, get sued – and we do not want to happen.

Patient care is a serious profession one can pursue. Undergoing nurse aide training in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Which means that you are ready for the challenges of being a CNA. You will act as the hands and feet of those who can no longer perform tasks – and a guide to those who are still mobile.

Our CNA training in Farmington Hills will help you build the professionalism and caregiving skills you need to do your job the right way. You will undergo hands-on training to be eligible for a Michigan State Certified Nurse Aide Exam.

Advanced Care Training will equip you with the things you need in a 3-week extensive CNA training in Michigan. We are here to build individuals to become the best nursing aides patients can trust; to meet the growing demand for CNAs today.

Just give us a call for inquiries regarding fees, requirements, and admission processes.

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