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Learning the ABC of CPR: How Essential?

Learning the ABC of CPR: How Essential?

Danger and emergencies are two of the unavoidable instances we will meet. We do not know to whom and how it will happen. However, one thing is for sure- it is essential if you know how to administer emergency responses when you encounter these scenarios.

Resuscitation (CPR) is the initial response when emergencies happen. You should know how to identify the hazard, how to respond, and when to send for help.

A casualty who is being unresponsive and not breathing needs urgent CPR. As a respondent, you should know how to administer the ABC of doing resuscitation.

  • A is for opening the airway by tilting the head or lifting the chin.
  • B is for breathing. Check if the casualty is having abnormal breathing.
  • C is for administering CPR by doing 30 chest compressions.

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