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Guaranteeing Patient Safety in Healthcare Training


As a healthcare provider in Farmington Hills, Michigan, we believe that patient safety and risk prevention are two principles that must go hand-in-hand. These are also exactly what we instill in our trainees who aspire to become caregivers, nurse aides, practical nurses, and phlebotomy technicians.

We understand that patient safety in any healthcare setting requires training. Even at home care agencies, comprehensive caregiver training is vital to reducing casualties in the provision of care. This goes along with the strict implementation of protocols, monitoring patients, and verifying medical records. Cultivating trust within the healthcare team is essential to achieve patient safety, too.

A reliable team is rooted in competent and confident members, even right before they practice on the field. Here is how we achieve that:

  • We provide reliable resources for training.

    Our CNA training in Michigan, as well as our other classes, has a wealth of educational activities and credible instructors whom our students can learn from. We also provide classes on how to properly perform procedures and techniques.

  • We equip them with knowledge and hands-on skills.

    Students with sufficient understanding and hands-on experience are accountable, attentive, and keen to prevent errors in practice. They are able to solve concerns that may arise or when faced with an incident that may have serious consequences.

  • We assess their skills and abilities.

    Regular assessment allows us to track how far they have come and how much more they need to learn and practice. We help our aspirants develop a habit of competence by training them to perform at their best at all times.

At Advanced Care Training, we provide training to aspiring healthcare workers, including nurse aide training in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our offers today.

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