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group of people learning how to make first aid heart compressions

Established in 2013, Advanced Care Training started out as a provider of CNA classes with an initial location inside a Baptist Church in Detroit. We have done our best to provide quality CNA training to our students, and many of them now graduate who have made a mark in the healthcare industry.

Thanks to our quality training and dedication to our craft and the healthcare industry, we have expanded over the years, starting with our location change to Farmington Hills, Michigan. Currently, we are offering training classes that cover multiple disciplines including CNA, Patient Care Technicians, Home Health Aides, and more.


“Professional People, Compassionate Care”

Our mission is to train our students to have a heart of a servant, lead by example, and deliver quality care with passion, purpose, and professionalism.

About Lakeisha Jennings RN, BSN

Lakeisha Jennings founded Advanced Care Training to help ensure that the healthcare industry has enough skilled care personnel who are ready to care for patients in various healthcare settings. With over 16 years of experience in medical-surgical nursing, long term care, and nursing education, Ms. Jennings is passionate about sharing her expertise to aspiring healthcare personnel.

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