"Short Term Investment, Long Term Results" - Description of Classes
"Short Term Investment, Long Term Results" - Company Message
Basic Life Support for Health care:  This class is designed for licensed or non-licensed health care professionals such as physicians, nurses, EMT, First Responders ect... This class requires skills and written exam to receive BLS provider certification card. Students must show proof of current BLS card for BLS renewal.
  • BLS Healthcare Provider ( Provider course) Includes written test $50.00 4.5 hours
  • BLS Healthcare Provider (Renewal course) Includes written test $ 50.00 2 hours
  • BLS Healthcare Provider Skills Only $25.00
Workplace & Community Courses: These classes are designed for individuals who have a duty to respond such as child care workers, camp counselors, church health ministries, babysitters, ect...
  • Heart Saver First Aid, CPR & AED: $70.00 *Skills test only* 4 hours
  • Heart Saver CPR & AED $45.00 *Skills test only* 3-4 Hours
  • Heart Savers First Aid 3-4 hours $50.00
  • Heart Saver CPR & Pediatric First Aid $70.00 4 Hours
  • Heartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens $25.00 1 Hour
Community Training Programs: This course is designed for people who want to learn CPR but do not require certification such as community groups, family members, volunteer organizations,  ect...
  • Family & Friends CPR $20.00 Hours vary
  • Family and Friends CPR anytime $ 20.00 Hours vary
  • Family and Friends CPR on demand $ 20.00 Hours vary
Health Ministry Training Program: This Faith based program is design for Church health ministries non-medical members who want to be a part of the Medical Ministry. This program is a combination of CPR and Advanced First Aid. In this program students will learn how to take blood pressures, blood sugars, conduct health fairs at their church, grant writing, and understanding the role and responsibilities of the church nurse. Students are required to take a competency exam and skills testing. The program is 4 weeks and is held on Saturdays. Please call Advance Care for location and times. After completion of program, health ministry workers will feel comfortable and confident to respond to emergencies that can take place in the congregation on any given day. Classes are $50.00 which includes book. All members will receive a Heartsaver CPR and First Aid certification card at the end of the course.
*Payments are due a week before class date. For cancelation, students must cancel 3 business days prior to course, after 3 business days has elapsed, there is no REFUND. 
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